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Popa Falls
N$140.00 to N$850.00 per night
Popa Falls Camp is a gateway to the northeastern corner of Namibia and home to perennial rivers, magnificent indigenous woodlands, riverine forests, floodplains and reed-lined channels. The camp is located on the Kavango River, and the falls are accessible by foot from here.
N$177.00 to N$749.00 per night
Hardap is well known as an angler's paradise, with annual competitions held regularly for enthusiasts. But few know that the small Hardap Game Reserve is a haven for black rhino and that the dam and surroundings accommodate one of Namibia's most strategic great-white-pelican breeding colonies and a thriving freshwater fish institute that is supporting the country's growing aquaculture industry.
Gross Barmen
N$200.00 per night
Gross Barmen is located around 100 km from the capital city of Windhoek, nestled on the banks of a tributary of the Swakop River. Set between rows of palm trees, green lawns and many pleasant walks, the resort is ideal for all ages. Gross Barmen includes facilities for spa & wellness, fitness, recreation, and leisure.
N$315.00 to N$787.50 per night
Ai-Ais lies at the southern end of the Fish River conservation area in the Namibian portion of the Ai-Ais / Richtersveld Transfrontier Park. This national park spans two countries: Namibia and South Africa. Ai-Ais means burning water in one of the local languages, and refers to the sulphurous hot springs found in this area.
N$350.00 to N$1554.00 per night
Waterberg Camp is located in central Namibia inside the Waterberg Plateau National Park. The park is ecologically diverse, boasting over 200 different species of birds and some rare species of small antelope on the lower hills of the mountain.
N$356.00 to N$802.00 per night
Halali Camp is situated at the base of a dolomite hill, nestled amongst shady Mopane trees in Namibia's legendary Etosha National Park. The thick vegetation in the area makes it a popular draw to leopards, rhinos and elephants. Some of the most popular waterholes of the park are located in close proximity to Halali.
N$356.00 to N$831.50 per night
Built into an old German Historic Fort built in 1897, Namutoni Camp is the perfect setting for a cultural adventure African savannah. It is located in the eastern part of the Etosha National Park in close proximity to the Fisher's Pan - a hotspot for birders.The romantic fort overlooks the floodlit King Nehale Waterhole from which visitors can enjoy views of wildlife without leaving the camp.
Namib Naukluft
N$375.00 to N$711.50 per night
The Naukluft Campsite is located in the Naukluft section of the Namib-Naukluft National Park, which was originally created to serve as a sanctuary for Hartmann's mountain zebra, which are endemic to Namibia. Naukluft's steep cliffs attract various cliff-breeding bird species, including Black eagles, and a variety of wildlife.
N$401.00 to N$883.00 per night
Hobas Camp is located in the /Ai-/Ais / Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, near Fish River Canyon, one of the largest canyons in the world and the main attraction in Southern Namibia. Hobas campsite sits at the start of the 90 km long Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail.
N$490.00 per night
The Sesriem Campsite is located by the Sesriem canyon, which marks the gateway to the globally renowned Sossusvlei inside the world's oldest desert – the Namib. The camp is located on a breathtaking landscape, with mountains to the east and dunes to the west. The nearby dunes are only a few hundred meters away and easily accessible by foot.
N$1199.50 per night
Located in seclusion, on the rim of the majestic Etosha Salt Pan and far away from the public self-drive routes, Onkoshi provides a beautiful escape within the Etosha National Park. The 15 freestanding chalets (30 beds) overlook the vast pan, which is home to a variety of exotic wildlife, including a crowd of pink flamingos and 4 of the big 5 game in the rainy season.
N$1199.50 per night
Dolomite Camp is located in a previously restricted scenic area in the western region of Etosha National Park, rich in biodiversity due to the absence of mainstream tourism. The dolomite formations in the area give the camp its name and provide a lush vista.
Sossus Dune
N$1540.00 per night
Sossus Dune Lodge is built in an eco-friendly manner to resemble a traditional Namibian village. Located inside the Namib-Naukluft National Park, the lodge boasts 25 spacious chalets, each offering a view of either the mountains and Sesriem Canyon or the spectacular dunes.
Terrace Bay
N$1601.00 per night
Terrace Bay is an angler's paradise offering an exceptional coastal experience inside the famous Skeleton Coast Park in Northwest Namibia. The camp is located on the coast, set in an undisturbed and peaceful spot, surrounded by the majestic dunes of the northern Namib Desert.